Let me guess.

  • You're a small business owner.

  • You're completely swamped with a to-do list that never ends, but it's just not time to hire full-time help. 

  • You're on a budget, but something's gotta give.


It's time to meet your new biz besties. (hi! that's us!)

Our services are catered to creative businesses that are interested in growing their services and reach beyond what they can handle on their own.


Meet Katie.

Katie Fisher, Owner and VA Extraordinaire



After seeing the behind-the-scenes operations of a few small businesses first-hand, Katie realized that there was something missing. Creatives need to do what they do best: create. They don't need to be messing with newsletter scheduling and email maintenance. 

So Katie Lee Solutions was born to be just that: a solution for creatives. Katie has developed into an expert in customer service, email management, blogging, and copywriting. Simply put, Katie is best at being that behind-the-scenes secret weapon that makes YOU look really, really good. 


a few things about Katie: 

- she's a perpetual traveler. most of her life is spent on the road. 

- coffee before 5pm, red wine after. 

- inbox zero makes her giddy. 


Katie is always looking for Virtual Assistants to add to her team. If you're interested in working with us, feel free to contact us using the form below!
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