Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

For many small business owners, taking the step to hire a Virtual Assistant can seem like a HUGE jump. Moving beyond a one-person show can be daunting, and many times it's hard to trust anyone else to do the jobs you've always done yourself. Giving someone control over a portion (no matter how small) of your business feels so vulnerable. You started it from the ground-up, you know the in's and out's like no one else, and you care about this thing more than anyone else.

I get it. 

...but every successful business will eventually hit a threshold where you just can't make it happen as a solo-preneur anymore. You're going to need some help. But GOOD NEWS. It's not as overwhelming as you might think.

Do you think it might be time to bring a VA onto your team? If any of these five questions apply to you, it's probably time!

Ready For Virtual Assistant

1. Are you spending WAY too many late nights and early mornings working on your business? 

For many of us, the reason that we ventured into entrepreneurship was that glorious "F" word: FREEDOM. We didn't want to clock in and out, we wanted to be able to take days off and enjoy our days. But as your business grows, your time gets spread thinner. Have you lost too much sleep on your business lately?

2.  Do you spend more time sorting through emails, scheduling newsletters, and advertising than you do on the things you actually LOVE to do? 

Are you a blogger, an artist, a coach, or a photographer? No matter what your title is, your favorite part of your business probably isn't emailing. It's actually creating the stuff. It's meeting one-on-one with clients. It's writing content that people love to read. But the (necessary) admin side takes up so much TIME.

3. Do you find yourself saying "no" to too many invitations because you can't take a day off of work? 

Imagine knowing that you can take time off while your business runs smoothly without you. The inbox doesn't overflow, the angry customers are handled, and the posts get uploaded. Dreamy, right?

4. Have you ever said "I would love to do _____ one day, but I just don't have the time right now." 

Dreaming of writing your first book, starting that new course, or creating a product you've had on your mind for years? You might just need someone to take care of all the backend busy work that keeps breaking up your time. Give yourself some space to create.

5. Are you overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, even ready to throw in the towel sometimes?

Owning and operating a small business is hard work. Many times it's lonely and the work is never-ending. From everyone else's perspective, you're living the dream. You work from home, you're a slave to no man, and you call the shots. But on the inside, a lot of days are miserable. You need someone in your corner, someone to take some of the burden off.

It's time for a VA. It's okay to start small. Start by making a small list of tasks that you spend a few hours a week on. Maybe it's updating spreadsheets or formatting & scheduling blog posts. It's absolutely OKAY to hire a VA for one or two tasks to start, and to slowly grow from there. That's the beauty of a Virtual Assistant. You aren't hiring a full-time employee. You're just taking a little load off.

Sound like your cup of tea? I would love to chat with you! Please click below!